We hope to welcome you @HOME


Guesthouse At Home prides itself in providing well-equipped, luxurious and pet-friendly accommodations, suitable for all people PCS-ing, house-hunting (HHT) or visiting any of the Military installations in the Tri-border region or AFnorth School.

To make your transition process go as smooth as possible, we can provide an airport shuttle service and you will have access to your own complimentary car to use during your stay with us.  

We take open end PCS reservation up until 30 days. If you know you are PCS-ing or are sponsoring a newcomer, let us know. 

Reservations can be made without any obligation and a deposit is not required for NATO members.

We accept Visa / MasterCard, American Express, Pay-Pall and cash payments in US, CA and EU currenciesVat forms are accepted.


​For more information use our contact form or contact us through e-mail, Whats-App or Viber.

Please provide us with as much information as possible.

For more information please contact

From the EU:  +49-176-86969115
From the US or CA: 011-49-176-86969115

(whats-app prefered)